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11th Grade

Ready : Timeline

There aren’t a ton of pressing deadlines during your junior year, but you want to make sure you’re still taking steps to prepare for senior year, when there are quite a few dates to remember.

Developing your own chart and timeline to keep yourself organized will get you way ahead in the game. Here are some general ideas for what you should be doing throughout the school year:

September through November:

  • If you haven’t already, take the PSAT (Preliminary SAT) or the ACT PLAN test, these can give you insight into what the ACT and SAT will be like, and colleges won’t ever see your score, so it’s great practice.
  • Start looking at potential colleges or technical schools, and make a top ten list
  • Go to college fairs or information nights

December through February:

  • Start looking for scholarships and ways to finance your continued education
  • Sign up to take the SAT or ACT. If you are low-income, you may be able to get a waiver for the test fee. Ask your couselor for more information. If you are a College Bound Scholarship student, get more information here.
  • Explore major and career options

March through May:

  • Visit the campuses of schools in which you are interested
  • Narrow down your list of schools
  • If you haven't already, sign up to take the SAT or ACT. To take either test in June, 2014, the registration deadline is May 9.
  • Start thinking about who will write your letters of recommendation
  • Continue to challenge yourself in classes and extracurricular activities

June through August:

  • Start planning your personal statement, this essay is required by many colleges and will be about who you are and what you want to achieve by continuing your education
  • Visit college campuses


  • Take advantage of summer enrichment opportunities through school, or attend a summer camp on a college campus.


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