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Grad : Career & Transfer Planning

An important step in determining your career is deciding your focus of study in college. Washington State colleges offer a diverse array of course options. If you know where your interest lies, find a college that will best match your anticipated career path. If you’re not quite certain what you’d like to study, try different classes to see what interests you the most. You might be surprised what jumps out at you.

Explore careers and their earning potential in the Occupational Outlook Handbook. Or, for a fun interactive tool, try the U.S. Department of Labor’s career search. 

Transfer Planning

The following tips should be helpful for your transfer planning. Note that you’ll want keep your grades up if you want to transfer schools. Transfer students go through the admissions process and will be evaluated on past academic performance.

 If you are thinking about transferring, consider the following:

  1. Visit the website for the school to which you’ll be transferring and carefully read their transfer student guidelines.
  2. Meet with academic counselors at both schools to inquire about the process and to see if you're eligible.
    • Be sure to find out how to keep credit for your courses and transfer your scholarships, loans, and grants.

Transferring to/from a four-year institution

Washington's four-year institutions will accept most, if not all, community college credits, but you may need to work with your counselor to see what classes count toward your desired major (see the University of Washington or Pacific Lutheran University's Equivalency Guides as examples). Classes from other four-year institutions will be evaluated on an individual basis. You can also transfer credits from high school if you took Running Start, Advanced Placement, or International Baccalaureate classes. Use our Dual Credit Look-up Tool to see how your AP or IB credits may transfer.

Talk to your counselor about the Direct Transfer Agreement or Associate of Science Transfer options as soon as you think you might want to transfer to a four-year college. 

Resources for transferring: