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The best way to ensure you are eligible for financial aid is to fill out your FAFSA every year. In addition, you can look at the opportunities available to you at the state level for grants, loans, scholarships, and work study. If federal and state level financial aid doesn’t fulfill your need, you can also search for private scholarships. Beware of any online service that requires you to pay to search for scholarships; most can be found online or through your school’s aid offices for free. Check out our full list of federal and state scholarships and grants here.

Ensure that you get your money’s worth out of your education by following the tips in these fact sheets:

Managing Your Money

The first way to save money in college is to prepare by saving money before you go. If you’re saving for a four-year institution, it will probably take you more time to reach your savings goal than if you’re saving for a shorter program, so plan accordingly. In addition, you can learn to save money in other places to take control of your finances.

Save money on housing and food
Live at home or with relatives while you’re in college if that’s an option. If not, be sure to look for affordable housing near campus. Often, dorms will be very expensive and include a meal plan that isn’t economically sound.

Save on transportation
Go to a college nearby or take the bus to and from the campus. Avoid buying a car if at all possible to avoid parking fees and gas and maintenance costs. If you can’t use public transportation, see if you can start a carpool with other students.

Save on books
Go to the bookstore a couple of weeks before classes start to buy used textbooks or look online or in secondhand shops for lower priced versions. You can also talk to older students in your major, who may have old textbooks you can borrow. If you know someone else in the class, suggest sharing the books to split the cost.