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Grad : High School Grad & College Admission Standards

High School Graduation Standards

The State Board of Education website provides information on the Washington State High School graduation requirements for each graduating class.

Grad : Career Planning

Ideally, a career should match a person's interests, abilities, and values. The following career-planning resources can be useful in identifying possible career pathways. 

Ready : Preparing for my Education

Below are some deadlines and tasks to consider completing before you leave high school. We left some room below each milestone for you to take some notes and keep track of where you are and where you want to go. When you are done, email this page to yourself, or use our About.Me portfolio building instructions to keep everything together digitally. Return and update your plan whenever you want!

Grad : Resources

Need some more ideas for how to stay organized? Want a template that helps you narrow down your college and career goals and interests? Want to talk to others who are dealing with the same deadlines and tough choices? Check out this list of resources we’ve developed for you!

Set : Applying for Financial Aid

Your financial need is the difference between the amount it will cost you to go to school (cost of attendance) and the amount of money that you and your family are judged able to pay (expected family contribution).

Your expected family contribution will not vary much from school to school. However, each school has a different cost of attendance. Therefore, your financial need, or the amount of aid for which you qualify, may vary from school to school.

Ready : Overview

Congratulations! You’re a senior in high school and graduation is right around the corner. If you’ve been following this website through middle and high school, you’re probably well on your way to attending the college of your choice. If you’re new to Ready Set Grad, welcome!

This year, you need to finish your graduation requirements, determine what you’re doing after graduation, and make sure you have the financial support to make it happen. There are numerous resources to help you get to college here, no matter where you are in the process. 

Set : Managing Your Money

Common college costs include tuition, mandatory fees, room and board (food), books, transportation, and supplies. Meeting these financial obligations is a critical component to educational success. 

Ready : What You Need to Know

The deadlines for applications to various schools can vary greatly, so make sure you keep a list of all priority and regular submission deadlines so that you don’t miss out on applying to your top choice.

"Refer to Funding Your Education: The Guide to Federal Student Aid for information about financial aid as you work through the FAFSA process. 

Ready : Timeline

Set : Find the Right School


Find your future school!

Finding the programs you want to explore—and the schools that offer them—can be time-consuming. Online resources like can help. The site allows you to search by school, location, degree type, and even academic program—from architecture to zoology, and everything in between.