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9th Grade

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Ready : Preparing for My Education

College might seem millions of miles away at this point, but it’s important to get ready for success now by making sure you’re on track to graduate and you’re prepared for life after high school!

"Check out KnowHow2Go: The Four Steps to College, which suggests some actions you can take as you start thinking about education beyond high school. 

Grad : Career Planning

With all your options after high school, you may not know where to start. Thinking about what your dream job might be will help you decide how to continue your education.

Grad : Resources

Need some more ideas for how to stay organized? Fill out this questionnaire to help you think about who you are and what you want for your future. Don’t limit your dreams. Print or email it to yourself, and bring it when you talk to your parents or guidance counselor when you explore your option and prepare for your successful future.  

Want to talk to others who are dealing with the same deadlines and tough choices? Check out this list of resources we’ve developed for you!

Ready : What You Need to Know

You may think it’s early to start planning for college, but truth is, your time in high school will go by very quickly. That’s why getting a general idea of what to you need to do to prepare for college will save you time and stress later on.

Grad : Military Information

The military can offer a diverse and challenging set of experiences and skill development with travel opportunities and even help pay for part of your education. In order to join the military, you need to not only be physically fit, but having good grades and strength in math, engineering, science and foreign languages can help you move up more quickly.

Set : Managing Your Money

When you think of the cost of college, you might think of tuition first, but you should remember there are other costs. These can include mandatory fees, room and board (food), books, transportation, and supplies. You can’t control the price of tuition or mandatory fees, but you can control the others by becoming financially literate, saving money in advance, and learning how to save on the other costs. For example, you can save on books by buying used rather than new! Many scholarships and grants will also grant you money for books or other expenses, so be sure to apply for those!

Set : Paying for My Education

Anyone can go to college if they really want to, and money should not stand in the way of pursuing your educational goals.

"Work with a family member to estimate your financial aid using FAFSA4caster and be sure to save for college!  

Ready : Timeline

Enjoy high school! You don’t have any deadlines for applications yet, but make sure you’re developing good study habits, staying organized, getting involved in activities, and doing everything you want to do! This will help when you do fill out college applications junior year.


  • Join extracurricular activities, like a sport, band or student government.
  • Create goals for the year. What study habits would you like to improve? What classes would you like to take?


Set : Find the Right School

Do you want to stay close to home, or move far away? Are you really into sports, or want a school that has more art and cultural activities? Are you hoping to live on campus in a residence hall, or in an off-campus apartment? Or, will you stay close to home and continue to live with your family while you go to a local college?

These are things you will consider when choosing a school. While academic programs are very important, there are a lot of factors that go into picking a school or program.

Ready : Overview

You made it to high school! It’s time to start really thinking about what life looks like after graduation and how to set yourself up for success. Ninth grade is a large part of your academic career. It’s how far back colleges look at grades; it’s a good time to start preparing for college entrance exams; and it’s when many people add more difficult classes to their schedules to help them stand out to admissions officers.