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Grad : Military Information

The military can offer a diverse and challenging set of experiences and skill development, with travel opportunities and even help pay for part of your education. In order to join the military, you need to not only be physically fit, but having good grades and strength in math, engineering, science and foreign languages can help you move up more quickly.

Grad : Career & Transfer Planning

An important step in determining your career is deciding your focus of study in college. Washington State colleges offer a diverse array of course options. If you know where your interest lies, find a college that will best match your anticipated career path. If you’re not quite certain what you’d like to study, try different classes to see what interests you the most. You might be surprised what jumps out at you.

Set : Managing Your Money

Common college costs include tuition, mandatory fees, room and board (food), books, transportation, and supplies. Meeting these financial obligations is a critical component to educational success. 

In the case of anticipated college costs, income and savings can make a big difference. Explore how income earned in today's jobs might be saved for tomorrow's educational expenses. And when there is money to be saved, consider savings accounts, federal savings bonds, stocks and mutual funds, college savings plans, and other saving options. 

Set : Paying for College

Set : What You Need to Know

Now that you’re in college, you need to focus on completing your program, certificate, or degree and paying for your education.

Talk to your counselor frequently to make sure you are on track to graduate on time. Many schools have online programs to help you track your progress toward graduation. These can help you stay on track for graduation, but should not serve as a substitute for talking to your counselor.

Ready : Timeline

Explore best practices and grade-level recommendations for students and families pursuing higher education.


Ready : Preparing for My Education

Congratulations on making it to college! In order to finish your program, certificate, or degree, you will need the right support—both academically and financially.